T H E  T U D O R   R U F F S

Tudor minstrels and musicians playing Tudor music for your special event!

As you can see, there are three of us and we play music from the time of Henry Vlllth. and Queen Elizabeth 1st. for that special occasion you are perhaps planning?... Both musical instruments and costumes are of course in keeping with the historical period offered.

Performance is always from memory so that we are not tied to carrying music around and can be as flexible as possible to your requirements. Normally, our activities include strolling and playing, entertaining at agreed locations around the site - also assisting with processions and playing fanfares - both indoors or outside.

the tudor ruffs tudor hurdy gurdy player

Quite often, we find ourselves answering questions about the instruments used and this, we are happy to do when asked. Generally speaking, the instruments played include Hurdy-gurdies, a pair of Bagpipes, Shawms, Rauschpfeifen, the higher pitches of Recorders, Trumpets, Tabors - all these carry well in the open! We have others which are somewhat quieter and these too, can be included for the right situation.

For additional information and to discuss your requirements, please e-mail us or phone Valerie on (01353) 698084. Click here to access a publicity leaflet for The Tudor Ruffs.


Music For Historical Productions -The band are also available for media work - for more information click here.

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