the troubadours

Mediaeval Music played by Minstrels on Historical Musical Instruments

The Troubadours Medieval musicians and medieval music to bring presence and authenticity to events, both indoors and outdoors - Activities include - Demonstrations and Concert programmes. Music for Festivals, Banqueting and Dancing, Fanfares, Heralding, Ceremonial and Processional Music, Background Music for all Occasions.

Instruments both loud and gentle to please the senses and entertain the ear.

Popular music from 12th. to 16th. centuries performed upon historically accurate musical instruments and reconstructions of those seen in illustrated manuscripts and carving or which survive in various collections. Instruments played from our own private collection of over 200, include -

Shawms, Rauschpfeifen, Mediaeval and Renaissance Bagpipes, Hornpipes, Crumhorns, Rackett, Mediaeval Trumpets, Cowhorns, Cornett, Recorders, Flutes, Gemshorns, Mediaeval Fiddle, Rebec, Hurdy-Gurdies, Organistrum, Tromba Marina, Mediaeval Harp, Lyre, Psaltery, Cittern, Mediaeval Lute, Portative Organ, Bells, Dulcimer, Nakers, Tabors and other percussions.

By giving all performances in period dress and by playing from memory as much as possible, we aim to take audiences back in time and to bring the music to life. We enjoy being flexible, moving around and going amongst audiences in the belief that the majority of the type of music we play, was originally heard this way.

There is a short demonstration cassette available on request - or download a sample of The Troubadours music by clicking on this link: Wav. audio file of The Troubadours (347K). File name "feast.wav".

This sample is taken from the CD "Let The Feasting Begin"

The Troubadours are available for Living History and Re-enactment Events - Demonstrations - Concerts - Educational Courses - Entertainment and even medieval weddings!

The Troubadours are Valerie Marshall, Lee Gillett and John Mallett. However, we are able to supply two or three medieval minstrels depending on your budget and requirements.

Music For Historical Productions -The band are also available for media work - for more information click here.

To send an E-Mail message :

Telephone Lee Gillett : (01223) 926187 or Valerie: (01353) 698084.


The Minstrels Picture Gallery
The Troubadours the troubadours

PEACOCK HEADDRESS - front and rear views

peacock headress

peacock headress

hats close up of peacock headdress

the dragon

tudor style!
Tudor Costume - all dressed up and ready to go!
Also see The Tudor Ruffs

All dress, costumes and headdresses designed and made by Valerie Marshall.


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